Lynell AndersonLynell Anderson

Lynell Anderson, CPA, CGA, is a public policy researcher and community engagement specialist. Drawing on 35 years of experience as a professional accountant in the private, public, voluntary and academic sectors, Lynell analyzes and utilizes financial information to promote public accountability, engage communities and advocate for evidence-informed change. Her research and advocacy activities focus on public policies that advance the rights of children, women and families, especially ...

Ananya BhattacharyaAnanya Bhattacharya

Ananya Bhattacharya has a master’s degree specializing in Development Economics from the University of Northern British Columbia. With her academic background, she hopes to provide research, advocacy and leadership support to First Nations communities in Northern BC in local community and economic development and climate change mitigation. In the summer of 2015, Ananya was the Rosenbluth Intern in Policy Research at the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, BC Office (CCPA-BC)....

Thérèse BoullardThérèse Boullard

Thérèse Boullard is a human rights consultant and former Director of the Human Rights Commission of the North West Territories.

Dr. Vanessa BrcicDr. Vanessa Brcic

Dr. Vanessa Brcic is a community-based researcher, Vancouver-based registered somatic therapist and family physician with a special interest in trauma, mental health and chronic pain. Her research interests are in practice-based research, primary care reform, poverty, and the social determinants of health. Clinically, she is interested in the interdisciplinary care of vulnerable patients and those with complex chronic conditions often neglected in the medical system. She is also an execu...

Alison BrewinAlison Brewin

Alison Brewin has been a consultant to non-profit organizations since 2011, and has provided Interim Executive Director services to organizations such as BC Civil Liberties, Access Pro Bono and the Vancouver Association of Survivors of Torture (VAST). Alison is a lawyer and between 1999 and 2011 was first Legal Director and then Executive Director for West Coast LEAF. Throughout the 1990s, she worked as political assistant to Member of Parliament Margaret Mitchell and in non-pr...

Gwen BrodskyGwen Brodsky

Gwen Brodsky is a lawyer and co-director of the Poverty and Human Rights Project.

John CalvertJohn Calvert

John Calvert is an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University and a research associate with the CCPA’s BC Office.

Dr. Calvert is the author of Liquid Gold: Energy Privatization in British Columbia, a book that challenges the former BC Liberal government's private power agenda. He also worked for the Crown Corporations Secretariat which oversaw BC Hydro during the 1990s and was also a member of the 2005 BC Hydro Provincial Integrated Electri...

Maxwell A. CameronMaxwell A. Cameron

Maxwell A. Cameron is the Director of the Centre for the Study of Democratic Institutions (CSDI) at the University of British Columbia, and a Research Associate with the CCPA.

Bill CarrollBill Carroll

Bill Carroll teaches Sociology at the University of Victoria, and served as founding director of UVic’s Program in Social Justice Studies from 2008 to 2012. Since the mid-1980s, he has conducted collaborative research with social movement communities. His books include The Making of a Transnational Capitalist Class, Corporate Power and Canadian Capitalism Remaking Media (with Bob Hackett) and Organizing Dissent. Two 2016 books are Expose, Oppose, Propose: Alternative Policy Groups in...

Alan CasselsAlan Cassels

Alan Cassels is a drug policy researcher affiliated with the School of Health Information Sciences at the University of Victoria. He has worked on a variety of research and evaluation studies for the past ten years focusing on the impact of provincial drug benefits policies on consumers and has specialized in examining how clinical research information and experience on drugs gets communicated to policy-makers, prescribers and consumers.

Alan led the first ever evaluation of Cana...

Rita ChudnovskyRita Chudnovsky

Rita Chudnovsky is a member of the BC Child Care Advocacy Forum. Follow Rita on Twitter

Karen CoolingKaren Cooling

Karen Cooling recently retired from her position as a staff representative at the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union of Canada. Cooling is a researcher, educator and communicator specializing in resource issues and relationship building between resource workers and environmentalists. She spent 17 years working directly in the pulp and paper industry. Follow Karen on Twitter

Devyn CousineauDevyn Cousineau

Devyn Cousineau is a lawyer with the BC Human Rights Tribunal. Follow Devyn on Twitter

Shannon DaubShannon Daub

Shannon is the director of CCPA-BC and co-director of the Corporate Mapping Project.

Her research interests include social movements, framing, environmental communication, corporate power and democratic capacity.

Outside her day-to-day work life at CCPA, Shannon has taught in the School of Communication and Culture at Royal Roads University, and volunteered as a board member with organizations like the Wilderness Committee, CCEC Credit Union and the Vancouver Public Library.

Shelagh DayShelagh Day

Shelagh Day is President of the Canadian Human Rights Reporter and Chair of the Human Rights Committee of the Canadian Feminist Alliance for International Action. She was BC’s first Human Rights Officer, and the Director of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission. Follow Shelagh on Twitter

Murray DobbinMurray Dobbin

Murray Dobbin is a social activist, writer and commentator on social, economic and political issues, and the author of several best-selling books. He is a founding Board member of the CCPA-BC Office.

David FaireyDavid Fairey

David Fairey is a labour economist, a research associate of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – BC Office, and co-chair of the BC Employment Standards Coalition.

Janine FarrellJanine Farrell

Janine Farrell is a researcher whose work examines the impact of socio-political, economic, historical, and environmental factors on the health of individuals and populations in Canada. She is committed to integrating grassroots and community-based action and research with
macro level approaches to social change, including progressive policy reform, for the promotion of justice and equity in health care for all. Janine is the former Seniors Care Researcher at the CCPA-BC.

Colleen FullerColleen Fuller

Colleen Fuller is an independent health policy researcher whose areas of expertise include health care and pharmaceutical policy, privatization, public and private health insurance, trade/globalization and health care, and health industry investors. Follow Colleen on Twitter

Trish GarnerTrish Garner

Trish Garner is the provincial organizer for the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, a broad-based network of over 400 organizations throughout BC. She is a tea-swilling Brit with a passion for social justice.

As the BCPRC's Community Organizer, Trish focuses on communications, outreach and community engagement to raise awareness about the root causes of poverty and inequality, and how we can collectively tackle them.

Trish has a PhD in gender, sexuality and women’s studies from SFU...

Ellen GouldEllen Gould

Ellen Gould is a researcher on international trade and a research associate with CCPA-BC.

Diana GuentherDiana Guenther

Diana has worked/works in youth and community development contexts as well as research and policy environments. She has worked in her fields in various countries (Canada, UK, Holland, Germany) and is particularly interested in comparative social policy and including marginalized voices in policy discourses.

Diana comes to this work as a learner and collaborator and strives to be an ally to the communities she works with. Her recent research interests include youth homelessness, dissec...

Robert HackettRobert Hackett

Robert A. Hackett is a professor emeritus of communication at Simon Fraser University.

Peter V. HallPeter V. Hall

Peter V. Hall is a professor of Urban Studies at Simon Fraser University.

Herb HammondHerb Hammond

Herb Hammond is a forest ecologist and ecosystem planner.

Kevin HardingKevin Harding

Kevin is the director of co-op development at the BCCA, where he brings together resources to help build and grow co-operatives across the province. He is a member of the Incipe Workers’ Cooperative, which specializes in working with social impact organizations like co-ops, nonprofits and social enterprises who work to build a better world.

Kevin is also currently a research associate for the CCPA, bringing a co-operative lens to the ongoing work in finding, evaluating, and promo...

Alex HemingwayAlex Hemingway

Alex Hemingway is an Economist and Public Finance Policy Analyst at the CCPA’s BC Office. His work focuses on the state of public finances and services in BC, including education, health care, social programs and regulation. He also works on tax fairness—looking at the links between how our tax system is structured and the problem of growing inequality—and explores how high-quality, accessible public services can improve British Columbians’ quality of life.

Alex is curre...

Cecil HershlerCecil Hershler

Cecil Hershler specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation and has been working in Vancouver since 1985. Over 25 years, he has interviewed more than 30,000 patients with chronic pain. Referrals to his clinic come mainly from family physicians and to a lesser extent from orthopedic surgeons, rheumatologists and psychiatrists. More than 80 per cent of referrals involve work- and/or accident-related injuries and approximately 20 per cent of his patient population are injured wor...

George HeymanGeorge Heyman

George Heyman is the former Executive Director of Sierra Club BC.

J David HughesJ David Hughes

J David Hughes has studied the energy resources of Canada and the US for four decades, including 32 years with the Geological Survey of Canada as a scientist and research manager, where he headed unconventional gas and coal research. His research focus is on unconventional fuels, primarily shale gas and tight oil, but also coalbed methane and other unconventional sources, including oil sands, coal gasification and gas hydrates. Hughes is currently President of Global Sustainability Rese...

Iglika IvanovaIglika Ivanova

Iglika Ivanova is a Senior Economist and the Public Interest Researcher at the CCPA’s BC Office. She researches and writes on key social and economic challenges facing BC and Canada, including poverty, economic insecurity, and labour market shifts towards more precarious work.

Iglika also investigates issues of government finance, tax policy and privatization and how they relate to the accessibility and quality of public services. She is particularly interested in the potential for pu...

Am JohalAm Johal

Am Johal is Director of Simon Fraser University’s Vancity Office of Community Engagement. He is the co-founder of the Vancouver Institute for Social Research and the University of BC’s Humanities 101 program. He is the author of Ecological Metapolitics: Badiou and the Anthropocene (2015, Atropos Press) and co-author with Matt Hern of the forthcoming Global Warming and the Sweetness of Life: A Tar Sands Tale (2018, The MIT Press).

Seth KleinSeth Klein

Seth Klein is a CCPA-BC research associate and the former CCPA-BC Director. His research deals primarily with welfare policy, poverty, inequality and economic security. A social activist for over 30 years and a former teacher, Seth holds a BA in international relations, a BEd from the University of Toronto and an MA in political science from Simon Fraser University.

Seth is also a past co-chair of the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, an advisory board member for the Columbia Institute...

Sarah LeavittSarah Leavitt

Sarah Leavitt is a writer and cartoonist, and former Media and Publications Specialist at the CCPA-BC. Follow Sarah on Twitter

Marc LeeMarc Lee

Marc Lee is a Senior Economist at the CCPA’s BC Office. In addition to tracking federal and provincial budgets and economic trends, Marc has published on a range of topics from poverty and inequality to globalization and international trade to public services and regulation. Marc is Co-Director of the Climate Justice Project, a research partnership with UBC's School of Community and Regional Planning that examines the links between climate change policies and social justice. Follow Mar...

Andrew LeylandAndrew Leyland

Andrew Leyland is a master's student in the School of Population and Public Health at UBC. He was the Rosenbluth Intern in Policy Research at the CCPA-BC. He is strongly committed to improving the social determinants of health and discovering policy solutions that help build healthy, equitable societies. Andrew is also concerned by the increase in precarious employment among young Canadians, and the erosion of stable, secure, gainful jobs.

Andrew LonghurstAndrew Longhurst

Andrew Longhurst is a research associate with the CCPA–BC and the BC Health Coalition, and a researcher and policy analyst with the Health Sciences Association of BC. His research focuses on health and social policy, poverty and inequality, and labour market change. His past publications include Reducing Surgical Wait Times: The Case for Public Innovation and Provincial Leadership (with Marcy Cohen and Dr. Margaret McGregor, 2016) and Precarious: Temporary Agency Work in British Colu...

Hugh MackenzieHugh Mackenzie

Economist Hugh Mackenzie is a Research Associate with the CCPA's National Office. Follow Hugh on Twitter

Judith MarshallJudith Marshall

Judith Marshall is a Canadian popular educator and writer. She worked for eight years in the Ministry of Education in post-independence Mozambique, designing curricula for workplace literacy campaigns. On her return to Canada, she completed a PhD at the University of Toronto with a thesis—and later book—on literacy, power and democracy. She has recently retired after two decades in the Global Affairs department of the United Steelworkers, which included member education on global is...

Dr. Margaret McGregorDr. Margaret McGregor

Dr. Margaret McGregor is a family physician and clinical associate professor at the University of British Columbia, Department of Family Practice.

Kate McInturffKate McInturff

Kate McInturff is a Senior Researcher at the CCPA's National Office.

Arlene McLarenArlene McLaren

Arlene McLaren is Professor Emerita in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Simon Fraser University. She is co-editor (with Jim Conley) of Car Troubles: Critical Studies of Automobility and Auto-Mobility (Ashgate) and co-author (with Sylvia Parusel) of several articles on automobility and its impact on families published in Canadian Review of Sociology, Canadian Journal of Sociology, World Transport Policy and Practice, Mobilities and Gender, Place & Culture.

Kendra MilneKendra Milne

Kendra Milne is Senior Director of Policy, Planning & Government Relations
at the Canadian Mental Health Association, BC Division. Follow Kendra on Twitter

Adrienne MontaniAdrienne Montani

Adrienne has lived, worked and been a social justice activist in Vancouver since 1976. She joined First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition in 2000 and became the provincial coordinator in 2005. Prior to working with First Call, she served as the child and youth advocate for the City of Vancouver, and as the chairperson of the Vancouver School Board for three of her six years as an elected school trustee. Some of her earlier leadership positions included serving as the execu...

Karen PalmerKaren Palmer

Karen Palmer is an advisor with, a health policy analyst, research associate at the CCPA-BC and an adjunct professor in the Faculty of Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University.

Ben ParfittBen Parfitt

Ben joined the CCPA staff team as a resource policy analyst in 2005 after years working as an investigative journalist with numerous magazines, and previous to that as a reporter with The Vancouver Sun. He is author and co-author of two books on forestry issues and currently devotes much of his policy research to natural resources, with special attention paid to energy, water, and forest resources and climate change.

Ben values being part of a great team at the CCPA as well as...

Peter ProntzosPeter Prontzos

Peter G. Prontzos, Faculty Emeritus at Langara College in Vancouver, taught Political Science for over 25 years. His courses included International Political Economy, Latin American Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Developing Nations, Political Ideologies, Social Movements, International Relations, Political Psychology and Political Philosophy.

He also has a degree in Psychology, and an interest in such fields as Anthropology, History, the Natural Sciences, Philosophy, Environme...

Blair RedlinBlair Redlin

Blair Redlin is a researcher with the Canadian Union of Public Employees (CUPE), whose areas of specialization include transportation policy, P3s, infrastructure, municipal affairs and policy, labour policy and employment standards, job creation strategies and trade.

Keith ReynoldsKeith Reynolds

Keith Reynolds is the former National Research Representative for the Canadian Union of Public Employees. He has done policy work for all three levels of government. His areas of expertise include privatization, P3s, and municipal government and finance. Follow Keith on Twitter

Robin RoffRobin Roff

Robin Jane Roff is an avid writer and researcher with a deep love of all things food-related. She comes by her passion for agricultural policy honestly after 4 years exploring the nuanced dance of industry, government and social movements during her doctorate degree at Simon Fraser University, where she focused on the political economy of agricultural biotechnology and alternative agrifood production. She currently works as a conflict resolution specialist for the UBC Faculty Association...

Michal RozworskiMichal Rozworski

Michal Rozworski is a researcher at the British Columbia Teachers' Federation and a CCPA-BC research associate. He publishes frequently on Canadian political economy. His first book, The People's Republic of Walmart, co-authored with Leigh Phillips, is coming from Verso in 2019. Follow Michal on Twitter

Kathleen RuffKathleen Ruff

Kathleen Ruff is a longtime human rights activist. She was director of the BC Human Rights Commission from 1972 to 1979, taking precedent-setting cases to tribunals and up to the Supreme Court of Canada. She was host of the CBC TV program Ombudsman and Director of the Canadian Court Challenges Program. Because of her concern that the voices of advocacy are being suppressed and weakened in Canada due to Revenue Canada policies that reward corporate lobbying but penalize civil soc...

Vyas SaranVyas Saran

Vyas is a law student and was the 2018 Rosenbluth Intern in Policy Research at the CCPA-BC, where he was thrilled to be a part of the progressive ecosystem in BC. In addition to his work on electoral reform, his writing has been published nationally on partisan strategy and coalition governments. He has special interests in labour, public housing, indigenous and migrant rights, climate action and all else to do with the politics of liberation.

Previously, Vyas has worked in politics, l...

Yonatan StrauchYonatan Strauch

Yonatan Strauch is a PhD candidate in Social and Ecological Sustainability at the University of Waterloo, Ontario. His research deals with the intersection of clean energy technology and climate politics by applying complex systems analysis. He has over fifteen years experience with energy and environmental issues. Follow Yonatan on Twitter

Kendra StraussKendra Strauss

Kendra Strauss is an Assistant Professor of Labour Studies at Simon Fraser University, and a research associate with the CCPA’s BC Office.

Mark ThompsonMark Thompson

Mark Thompson is a Professor Emeritus in the Sauder School of Business and a research associate with the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

Jason TockmanJason Tockman

Jason Tockman is a Postdoctoral Researcher at the University of Washington's Jackson School of International Studies, with support from the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). He holds a PhD in Political Science from the University of British Columbia, and studies indigenous rights and the implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) in the Americas.

Bob WilliamsBob Williams

Bob Williams has been involved with BC’s forestry industry for five decades, including as Minister of Lands, Forests and Water Resources in the Dave Barrett government. His latest report for the CCPA-BC, "Restoring Forestry in BC: The story of the industry’s decline and the case for regional management", was released in January 2018.