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Véronique Sioufi is the CCPA-BC’s Researcher for Racial & Socio-economic Equity, a data-driven, intersectional initiative that investigates structural racism and socio-economic inequalities in BC.

Véronique is an interdisciplinary researcher whose work critically examines the social and political structures that affect the ability of the working class to thrive. She brings expertise in labour, economic geography, critical data studies, critical race theory and communication.

Véronique is a doctoral candidate in geography at Simon Fraser University where her SSHRC-funded study of crowdwork in Canada and Tunisia examined the ways in which platforms rely on and reproduce precarity, as well as the uneven distribution of that precarity across gender, race, class and geography. She holds an MA in Communication from SFU, where her research investigated the operative tensions in Canadian unions’ use of privately owned social media platforms as places of collective organizing.

Véronique is proud of her Palestinian roots which make her particularly sensitive to the geographies of politics and power. She is passionate about community-driven, collaborative and hopeful research.

Fires and farmworkers: Climate justice means improving protections for migrant farmworkers

Sep 15, 2023
The impacts of the climate crisis are socially and geographically uneven: the wealthiest regions contribute disproportionately to the destruction of the planet while the poorest regions suffer the heaviest consequences. In this context, migrant farmworkers find themselves doubly displaced, facing droughts and inundations in their home countries, then heatwaves, fires and floods where they come… View Article