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Véronique Sioufi is the CCPA-BC’s Researcher for Racial & Socio-economic Equity. She is an interdisciplinary researcher who brings expertise in labour, economic geography, critical data studies, critical race theory and communication.

Véronique is a PhD candidate in Geography and holds an MA in Communication from Simon Fraser University. Her SSHRC-funded doctoral and masters’ research explored the uneven distribution of power and precarity in digital labour markets and social media movements.

Véronique is proud of her Palestinian heritage which makes her particularly sensitive to the geographies of politics and power. She is passionate about community-driven, collaborative and hopeful research.

uber eats delivery person of colour on their bike looking down on their phone

New protections for BC platform workers entrench racism

Dec 13, 2023
In November 2023, the BC Ministry of Labour announced new employment standards that claim to “bring fairness” to the estimated 40,000 ride-hail and food-delivery workers in BC. The move comes after a year of public engagement with platform workers, platform companies and labour experts, which brought to the fore the precarious working conditions of platform… View Article

Fires and farmworkers: Climate justice means improving protections for migrant farmworkers

Sep 15, 2023
The impacts of the climate crisis are socially and geographically uneven: the wealthiest regions contribute disproportionately to the destruction of the planet while the poorest regions suffer the heaviest consequences. In this context, migrant farmworkers find themselves doubly displaced, facing droughts and inundations in their home countries, then heatwaves, fires and floods where they come… View Article