Apr 18, 2013

BC Office: Fact sheet on affordable housing options for seniors now available.


BC’s provincial government has said it is committed to ensuring seniors can remain in their homes and “age in place.” Yet, the lack of adequate and affordable housing in BC means many seniors are forced to choose between paying for accommodation or buying food and prescription drugs, accessing transportation or participating in their communities. The affordable housing crisis in BC has a direct impact on seniors’ health.

Our latest fact sheet, Affordable Housing Options for Seniors Living in BC, highlights some types of affordable housing options for seniors including supportive housing, assisted living, seniors’ social housing and manufactured mobile homes.  The fact sheet also draws attention to gaps in the Residential Tenancy Act and the shortfalls of Shelter Aid for Elderly Renters (SAFER), a subsidy for low-income renters, which has not been adjusted for the cost of rent in BC since 2005.

The fact sheet provides recommendations for government to improve seniors access to affordable housing along with questions to pose to candidates to find out who in your riding is committed to expanding access to low-income housing options and addressing gaps in the Residential Tenancy Act that do not adequately protect seniors.

You can find the Affordable Housing fact sheet here (and in case you missed it, you can access the Health Care for All fact sheet here.

Please feel free to download, copy, share…And help create an informed public debate!

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