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Janine Farrell is a researcher whose work examines the impact of socio-political, economic, historical, and environmental factors on the health of individuals and populations in Canada. She is committed to integrating grassroots and community-based action and research with
macro level approaches to social change, including progressive policy reform, for the promotion of justice and equity in health care for all. Janine is the former Seniors Care Researcher at the CCPA-BC.

BC Office: Seniors Fact Sheet Series

Mar 18, 2013
Here at the CCPA, we are exploring how we can ensure our elders have the resources and supports needed to retain their health and dignity as they grow older. Many British Columbians wonder if our health system will be able to provide a high standard of care to the whole population as the baby boomer… View Article

Seniors Advocate position a mixed bag of hopeful and disappointing

Feb 21, 2013
A year ago (February 2012), the province’s Ombudsperson released a comprehensive report addressing the crisis in BC’s home and community care system, including 176 recommendations for a creating a more accessible and accountable system. The centrepiece of the provincial government’s response was the announcement that it would create an Office of the Seniors Advocate, following… View Article

Spot the Seniors: 2013 Budget Edition

Feb 21, 2013
As mentioned in last week’s Speech from the Throne and Tuesday’s 2013 provincial budget, BC’s population is aging. It’s projected the seniors population in BC will double over the next 25 years – meaning more than 30% of our population will be over the age of 65 by 2036. While the budget does mention aspects… View Article