Jan 21, 2009

Infrastructure – more than just ‘guy jobs’


Now that almost everyone seems to agree that public spending on infrastructure is a good idea – it’s time for another paradigm shift. Across the political continuum,  infrastructure talk is still all about roads, bridges, and transit – sectors that overwhelmingly employ men.

But, to stimulate the economy, surely we need to invest in both social and physical infrastructure. Lets take child care as an example. A provincial commitment in tomorrow’s budget to begin building a universal, quality publicly funded child care system will create construction jobs – just like other traditional infrastructure investments. But, it will also create jobs for women – who are the overwhelming majority of BC’s early childhood educators. nvestment in child care will also make it possible for parents to work or go to school to train or retrain. And, most importantly, an investment in child care will support children’s development – something that is even more important now that families are stretched and stressed. 

I can’t think of a better way to stimulate the economy and build strong communities.  Can you?

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