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Kevin is the director of co-op development at the BCCA, where he brings together resources to help build and grow co-operatives across the province. He is a member of the Incipe Workers’ Cooperative, which specializes in working with social impact organizations like co-ops, nonprofits and social enterprises who work to build a better world.

Kevin is also currently a research associate for the CCPA, bringing a co-operative lens to the ongoing work in finding, evaluating, and promoting progressive policy options. He holds a Master of Arts in Political Science from York University, and a BA (Hons.) in Political Science from Simon Fraser University.

He’s passionate about the potential for people to work together, become protagonists in their desires to see the world a better place, and be the change they want to see. He believes co-operatives are a way to do that.

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Want to create good, sustainable jobs for Canada? Try co-ops.

Nov 26, 2015
In the coming months and years, the new federal government will make important decisions about jobs: how we create them, protect them and make them more sustainable. Many Canadians believe there’s a trade-off to be made between employment and environmental sustainability. But that doesn’t have to be the case — particularly if we look at… View Article