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Kathleen Ruff is a longtime human rights activist. She was director of the BC Human Rights Commission from 1972 to 1979, taking precedent-setting cases to tribunals and up to the Supreme Court of Canada. She was host of the CBC TV program Ombudsman and Director of the Canadian Court Challenges Program. Because of her concern that the voices of advocacy are being suppressed and weakened in Canada due to Revenue Canada policies that reward corporate lobbying but penalize civil society advocacy, she founded a human rights website that did not seek charitable tax status and was therefore free and independent to carry out advocacy campaigns: She has spoken at conferences around the world and written numerous articles for scientific journals, civil society publications and the media on ethics and action to prevent the scientific literature and national and international health policy from being corrupted by vested corporate interests. Kathleen is Senior Human Rights Adviser to the Rideau Institute and a Research Associate with the CCPA-BC. More about Kathleen

BC needs a Human Rights Commission – now

Dec 10, 2014
Human rights are everyone’s business. The social climate we live in affects us all. When people are subjected to prejudice and discrimination because they are aboriginal or because of their gender or because of their sexual orientation or for some other reason, it creates a society that is more ugly, less safe and less human… View Article