BC’s climate action masquerade

Nov 29, 2015
When BC Premier Christy Clark arrives at the Paris climate conference, as part of a reinvigorated Canadian delegation under PM Trudeau, the world will hear bold statements about BC’s climate leadership. BC has received much praise since its 2008 introduction of a carbon tax (under previous Premier Gordon Campbell), and for its legislated greenhouse gas… View Article

We’re putting fossil fuel industry influence under the microscope

Nov 27, 2015
By Bill Carroll and Shannon Daub The tremendous concentration of power and influence we see in the fossil fuel industry today places sharp limits on our democracy (for examples, see our previous post). And as oil, gas and coal corporations pursue their relatively narrow, short-term profit goals, crafting effective responses to the climate crisis becomes… View Article

Why corporate power is a problem at the climate crossroads

Nov 27, 2015
By Shannon Daub and Bill Carroll As world leaders head to Paris for next week’s UN climate conference, the spotlight is being turned on the fossil fuel industry’s tremendous economic and political clout. The COP21 talks are sponsored by some decidedly climate-unfriendly multinationals, prompting the watchdog group Corporate Accountability International to launch a petition —signed… View Article

Want to create good, sustainable jobs for Canada? Try co-ops.

Nov 26, 2015
In the coming months and years, the new federal government will make important decisions about jobs: how we create them, protect them and make them more sustainable. Many Canadians believe there’s a trade-off to be made between employment and environmental sustainability. But that doesn’t have to be the case — particularly if we look at… View Article

5 signs the BC economy is weak and what this means for Budget 2016

Nov 25, 2015
Yesterday, the provincial government released its 2015/16 Second Quarterly Report: an update on where provincial finances are at six months into the fiscal year and where the economy is heading. The news is not very good. … View Article

Why are so many people needing food banks when the BC economy is growing?

Nov 17, 2015
Last week, Statistics Canada released new data showing the BC economy did better than expected in 2014, growing by 3.2% in real terms. This is a strong economic performance, the fastest on record since the recession ended.  The new growth numbers were published just as the annual Welfare Food Challenge organized by Raise the Rates captured headlines… View Article