Will Frankenstorm put climate change back on the political radar?

Oct 30, 2012
In recent years the world has experienced a sequence of climate-change-related disasters. Hurricane Sandy comes on top of massive drought through the summer that has led to 40% loss of American corn and other grain crops, raging wildfires in the southeast US, tornados and derechos, etc – and that is just the US. Check out this extreme weather… View Article

Imbalance in residential tenancy rights enforcement in BC

Oct 25, 2012
Yesterday some media outlets reported that the Residential Tenancy Branch has conditionally waived the first (and to my knowledge only) administrative penalty it has issued. BC’s Residential Tenancy Act was amended in 2006 to allow the Branch to issue administrative penalties, essentially monetary fines, against landlords or tenants that contravene the Act or repeatedly ignore… View Article

BC’s Natural Gas Strategy nothing more than a fairy tale

Oct 21, 2012
I have an oped in Saturday’s Vancouver Sun. The editor wanted me to focus on the claims of economic gains for BC, so the piece ended up being a complementary piece to the Behind the Numbers report on GHG emissions and the Natural Gas Strategy. The title was his choice not my own, but I… View Article

Plan for $10 a day child care striking a chord with British Columbians

Oct 15, 2012
More than thirty years ago, the women’s movement put child care on the public agenda. And while there have been important successes along the way, it can get depressing for grandmothers like me to see so little political progress. Parent fees are too high, staff wages are too low, there are nowhere near enough spaces… View Article

BC government non-response to study on how Natural Gas Strategy breaks BC’s GHG law

Oct 11, 2012
Since my report on how BC’s legislated GHG targets are being compromised by the 2012 Natural Gas Strategy, I’ve been keenly interested to see how the government would respond. The report prompted a story in today’s Metro news, but the reporter was unable to get a response from the government by deadline. Then belatedly she… View Article

Is BC breaking its GHG law by pursuing natural gas development?

Oct 10, 2012
Today we released a new report by yours truly, BC’s Legislated Greenhouse Gas Targets vs Natural Gas Development: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. It was just five years ago that BC brought in the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act, a signal that BC was serious about climate action. The Act calls for a 33% cut in emissions by… View Article