Oct 2, 2012

Will a flu shot keep you healthy? (hint: probably not)


BC’s Provincial Health Officer Dr Perry Kendall announced in August that BC will be adopting a policy mandating flu shots for health care workers.  Or they have to wear masks.

This is likely  the most aggressive flu prevention policy in Canada, one which could set the trend for the rest of the country.

But Dr Kendall and his public health colleagues who want to force all kinds of vaccines on people are facing an uphill struggle.

Why?  Because mandating vaccines or other public health measures are increasingly being criticized for the strong-armed ways they are being enforced.

Add to this the growing cynicism around the fear-mongering of recent flu pandemics, and the overzealousness with which vaccines are promoted, and you have a recipe for a cynical public.

But of most concern is the determination by some respected international scientists and researchers that annual influenza campaigns are likely an utter waste of time and money.

Don’t believe me?  Then take a look at October’s Focus Magazine.