CCPA–BC Gala 2024

Announcing CCPA–BC’s 2024 Gala keynote speaker: Dr. Vandana Shiva

Jul 13, 2024
On Thursday, November 7th, the CCPA–BC Gala returns, and we couldn’t be more excited to announce this year’s keynote speaker: Dr. Vandana Shiva. She is a world-renowned environmental activist, intellectual and feminist who has worked in a wide range of fields inspiring change globally—particularly around issues of food, agriculture, bioethics and genetic engineering…. View Article

How BC’s oil and gas industry sidestepped carbon pricing

Jun 27, 2024
When BC first introduced a carbon tax in 2008 the point was to apply it to all emissions causing climate change, but start at a low rate and increase it over time. Yet, as the carbon tax has increased for households at the gas pump and to heat homes, large industrial players—including the oil and… View Article
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Trapped in the wage gap

May 30, 2024
On June 1, BC’s minimum wage is going up to $17.40 per hour. Despite this welcome pay raise for the 240,000 lowest-paid workers in the province, the minimum wage remains over $3 per hour lower than the lowest living wage in BC ($20.64 in Dawson Creek). In BC’s largest cities, Metro Vancouver and Greater Victoria,… View Article
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Getting to Net-Zero in Canada: Summary

Feb 8, 2024
Scale of the problem, government projections and daunting challenges The urgency of mitigating climate change through significant emission reductions is globally recognized—most recently with the call to transition away from fossil fuels at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP28). Canada has long accepted this challenge: its latest pledge… View Article