Mar 2, 2012

Slim pickin’s for BC’s children and youth in budget


Just in case anyone missed just how bad BC’s new budget is for the province’s children and youth, I thought I’d post First Call’s reaction from our news release:  CHILDREN AND YOUTH GET SLIM PICKINGS IN BUDGET 2012

It notes that Finance Minister Falcon talks of fiscal prudence, but the budget’s failure to invest in the well-being of all children and youth will cost us dearly as inequities grow bigger and more children’s healthy development is undermined. 

As Iglika’s earlier post outlined, there is a false economy in this budget.  It maintains a high child and family poverty rate and withholds needed supports by continuing to underfund crucial child and youth-serving ministries (e.g. MCFD and Education), ignoring the short and long-term costs this creates. 

A budget that took children’s rights seriously would look a lot different.

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