Nov 17, 2010

Our taxes really aren’t too high says Liberal backbencher


A follow up to Blair Redlin’s post on municipal taxation.  It appears that at least one backbench MLA in BC’s Liberal government also thinks businesses are getting a pretty good deal from our local governments.

West Vancouver – Capilano MLA Ralph Sultan has an opinion piece on his website in which he says “Vancouver reigns as low tax Mecca.”

Sultan says he is struck by how often people complain about high taxes.  He continues:

It appears that the vast public information machine of the Provincial Government lies asleep somewhere in the bowels of the Legislature. For it is clear that few citizens have been informed that British Columbia has become one of the true low-tax havens on the globe.

He concludes:

Of the 95 cities in 10 countries measured, Vancouver comes dead last in the race to collect taxes! Want to double your business taxes? Easy. Move to San Diego. Want them to go up by 360 per cent? Avenue des Champs-Elisée is the place for you.

Now if Ralph Sultan says our businesses aren’t overtaxed, surely we can believe him.  After all, he is a Harvard man.