May 19, 2016

New look, same nerds.


Hello readers and followers!

As you can see, we have a brand new look thanks to our fine friends at Affinity Bridge.

We had two goals with the redesign. First was just to get a bit more in step with the times. Goodbye narrow columns and small font — hello white space, pretty pictures and crisp clear text. The second goal follows naturally from that: better readability.

But don’t worry – our bloggers are still the same progressive, number crunching yet sassy nerds you’ve come to know and love. They’ll continue to offer their take on the issues of the day, and show how we can do public policy better in BC and Canada.

A couple more changes to your Policy Note reading experience: We now have a Features section, where we’ll put longer, more in-depth think pieces. The template for these posts is intentionally stripped down to allow for smoother reading.

We first launched this blog in the lead-up to the 2009 BC election. Between now and the next election in 2017 we’ll post regularly on key issues facing British Columbians: climate change, fracking and LNG, poverty and inequality, the affordability crisis in housing and child care, education and more. We’ll bring forward the issues that we believe all parties need to address if we’re going to build a vibrant, healthy BC.

Buckle up!