May 16, 2014

New AG report on access to welfare disability benefits


Yesterday (May 15), BC’s Auditor General released an important new report on access to welfare disability benefits. The report didn’t get much media attention, but it should have. The report, news release and short video summary can be found here.

Among the AG’s findings:

  • The government has limited information on how effectively welfare’s PWD (Person With a Disability) program is meeting the basic needs of its clients.
  • The disability assistance program is not easily accessible, and the application process is difficult to navigate, resulting in people who are entitled to support not accessing it.

The report also expressed concern that benefit rates have not increased since 2007.

The Vancouver Sun did have a story about the report, which you can find here.

Our CCPA report Living on Welfare in BC made many of these same points back in 2008. Disappointing to see so many of the issues we flagged remain unresolved.