Oct 18, 2013

My welfare food challenge: Day 3


It is very boring eating the same food every day – oatmeal, peanut butter sandwich, an apple, soup or pasta. No treats, no variety.

My other observation is that living on this budget means you think about food all the time – When can I next eat? How will I make this last? Where will I be when it is time for each meal, and how do I plan for that?

Further to that last point: this budget forces you to be super conscious of where you will be throughout the day, as eating out is completely impossible (a single meal at a restaurant or café would blow the weekly budget). A peanut butter sandwich is the only thing in my weekly meal plan that is mobile, otherwise I need to stay house-bound. It’s an eye-opener to see how this limited allowance undercuts one’s sovereignty over one’s time, and constrains one’s external and social life. 

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