Jan 25, 2012

Fossil fuel lobbyists: the real radicals


Most of the fossil fuel lobby’s arguments against its opponents should be reversed. Consider:

  • Who are the real ‘radicals’ – those working for a sustainable climate and environment – or those who promote carbon-bombing the atmosphere, making us all guinea pigs in one of history’s most reckless experiments?
  • Who are the real hypocrites – those who drive to public meetings because we have not sufficiently invested in realistic lower carbon alternatives, or fossil fuel industry executives who enjoy mild summer days, fresh drinking water, vacations on low-lying ocean islands, or food grown next to expanding deserts – all things that will become scarcer if they continue having their way?
  • Who is undermining Canada’s national interests – advocates of responsible inter-generational stewardship and careful development of our resources, or a government turning Canada into an international environmental pariah?
  • What’s the more short-sighted job creation strategy – investment in labour-intensive lower-carbon infrastructure, or short-term construction projects to export unprocessed raw materials to foreign economies?

Like the Orwellian oxymoron “ethical oil,” the double standards in political and media discourse constitute a temporary triumph of greed over reason, of vested interest over collective well-being.  A decently human future requires a reversal.

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