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Simon Pek is an associate professor in the area of business and society at the Gustavson School of Business at the University of Victoria. His primary research interests centre on helping democratic organizations like co-operatives, schools and unions achieve their social and environmental objectives through the use of democratic innovations. Simon completed a PhD in Business Administration at Simon Fraser University. He served as the Steering Committee Lead of the Ontario Assembly on Workplace Democracy in 2022 and co-founded and serves as a member of the board of directors of Democracy In Practice, a non-profit dedicated to democratic experimentation, innovation and capacity-building.

Democratic employee ownership

The case for expanding democratic employee ownership in Canada

Apr 29, 2024
Workers lack democratic rights in the corporations and institutions that govern their work lives. As we find ourselves in an era of high inequality the question of ‘why shouldn’t working people be the owners and beneficiaries of the fruits of their labour?’ becomes timely and necessary. Read this research report on what it’d take to make democratic employee ownership a reality in Canada…. View Article

To break housing gridlock, we need to democratize unrepresentative public hearings

Feb 22, 2023
Housing policy has a democracy problem. Amid a housing crisis, highly unrepresentative public hearing processes contribute to land-use decisions that fail to reflect the perspectives and interests of all affected residents. But the right reforms can help deepen democracy and break housing gridlock. At the municipal level, decisions about providing new housing are typically made… View Article