Jan 23, 2010

A Modest Proposal


At some point before long, Haiti is going to be rebuilt. It occurs to me that we in BC have available wood to help in the effort. Most things are built of concrete there because there simply isn’t any wood. Rebuilding out of concrete will be massively expensive and massively polluting. And, as Premier Campbell noted in his speech to the BC Truck Loggers Association this week, wood buildings are much better in an earthquake zone than is concrete.

Using the pine beetle wood from our forests for rebuilding Haiti seems like an idea worth considering. What it would take would be enormous amounts of government money to make this happen, but if the Premiere truly wants to “re-establish and revitalize our forest industry” it makes sense.

Come to think of it, I can’t remember hearing anything at all about the BC government’s contribution to the Haiti relief effort. BC municipalities have signaled their intention to give support, and Harper is all over the news with his efforts. It would seem that Campbell needs some encouragement in this direction. I’m sure the forestry sector would be on side, and perhaps even the federal government could be.

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