Job creation alone will not solve BC’s poverty problem

Apr 29, 2010
Whenever he’s confronted with questions about BC’s record high child poverty rates or by the growing income inequality in the province, our Premier maintains that the best social policy is a job. In fact, reducing the costs of doing business in BC seems to be this government’s chief economic strategy. Consider the HST, for example,… View Article

The Clean Energy Act – adding insult to injury

Apr 29, 2010
I don’t follow the provincial legislature closely enough to judge whether the proposed Clean Energy Act is the worst legislation the Liberals have introduced since first being elected, but it has to be a front runner. The first objective listed in the Act is the government’s misdirected requirement for BC Hydro to be self-sufficient, with all of… View Article

Reforestation crisis, Ministry of Forests job cuts: op eds by the CCPA and allies

Apr 28, 2010
The coalition of environmental groups and unions that published Managing BC’s Forests for a Cooler Planet in January continues to work together. Over the past week, we’ve had op eds published in the Victoria Times Colonist and the Vancouver Sun. George Heyman, executive director of Sierra Club BC, and I co-authored Little left to celebrate… View Article

Living Wage: Congratulations to New Westminster

Apr 27, 2010
Some great news to share on the living wage front. Last night (April 26), New Westminster City Council voted unanimously to adopt the first municipal Living Wage policy in Canada. They have used the broad definition of the family living wage, developed two years ago by CCPA, First Call and the Victoria Community Council (meaning,… View Article

B.C. Government: Truest of the Trade True Believers

Apr 20, 2010
Alone amongst provinces, only B.C. failed to exempt even a single municipality or provincial agency from the recent Canada/U.S. Procurement Agreement…. View Article

Have taxes changed all that much over the past half century?

Apr 20, 2010
Yesterday, the Fraser Institute released its Consumer Tax Index report, which claims to show that the average Canadian family’s tax bill has increased by a whopping 1,624% since 1961. There are a lot of things wrong with Fraser Institute’s math. Here are just a few of them. To begin with, the numbers should have been… View Article