Remembering Murray Dobbin—activist, intellectual, mentor, friend

Sep 27, 2021
Neoliberal myth-buster. Far right exposer. Movement philosopher. Activist mentor. Murray Dobbin was all of these. On Sept. 8, our good friend and comrade Murray died at age 76. Murray was not ready to leave, but after two-and-a-half years the inexorable brutality of cancer led him to choose medical assistance in dying to end his life… View Article

BC’s human rights inquiry into hate incidents better late than never

Sep 24, 2021
Last month, BC’s Office of the Human Rights Commissioner (BCOHRC) announced it had been monitoring incidents of hate and white supremacy, noting a significant increase in reported hate-related incidents throughout BC since early 2020. According to their terms of reference, the Human Rights Commissioner will launch an inquiry into hate incidents, examine causes of the… View Article
Woman washing window with medical mask on

Will BC enact a robust paid sick days plan, or will corporate power derail it?

Sep 17, 2021
British Columbians are on the cusp of winning a meaningful right to paid sick days—if the powerful corporate lobby doesn’t get its way. Paid sick days are common sense and already a right of workers in many advanced democracies around the world. The idea is simple. If you’re sick, you stay home and you get… View Article
Tax the rich

Robust wealth tax could raise $363B over 10 years

Sep 14, 2021
Amid a rise in extreme inequality, the idea of an annual tax on the wealth of the super-rich has risen to prominence in recent years in many countries. New analysis shows that a robust wealth tax in Canada—one that goes further than those currently on the table in the federal election—could raise well over a… View Article
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For climate’s sake, Canada Pension Plan needs to take a serious look at its investments

Sep 10, 2021
The Canada Pension Plan (CPP) manages the pensions of 20 million Canadians. In a recent Corporate Mapping Project report, we found that the CPP has increased the number of shares it owns in fossil fuel companies since Canada signed the Paris Agreement five years ago. The CPP’s total fossil fuel investments across its entire portfolio… View Article