BC government plots new course for job creation: Optimism or wishful thinking?

Oct 27, 2016
On August 30th, the provincial government issued a review of job creation since the last election, and a preview of an update to their jobs plan, which was intended to be released in full this fall, however, an announcement has yet to be made. In short, this is the precursor to a pre-election platform statement. … View Article

Shining an international light on women’s human rights in BC

Oct 24, 2016
The international spotlight is about to shine on Canada’s track record on women’s human rights and BC may get caught in the glare. Provincial and federal compliance with the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women is set to be reviewed on October 25th by the expert UN Committee tasked with… View Article

If precarious employment is the new normal, how come we’re not talking about it?

Oct 21, 2016
According to the Toronto Star,1 “Precarious work is the new norm.” The same article reports on research findings from a 2013 study2 by McMaster University/United Way/PEPSO that looks at precarious employment in the Toronto region. This study found that less than half of all jobs in the Toronto region are permanent, secure full-time jobs, and outlined the… View Article

Working poverty on the rise in Metro Vancouver

Oct 18, 2016
Thanks to the Labour movement, we’ve made significant gains in working conditions over the years. On average, unionized employees make higher wages than non-unionized employees, and are more likely to receive health benefits and to have pension plans. But for those people working at or minimally above the minimum wage, whether they are unionized employees… View Article

Poverty Reduction: When will the government start listening to British Columbians?

Oct 17, 2016
If the government were listening to British Columbians, it would have heard that families are struggling to make ends meet because of rising food and housing costs, childcare fees, MSP premiums, and hydro rates. It would have heard that over 1,000 people in the highest-ever homeless count in Vancouver this year are new to homelessness…. View Article

Our recommendations for the 2017 BC Budget

Oct 17, 2016
On September 22, we presented CCPA-BC research and recommendations for BC’s 2017 Budget at a public hearing as part of BC’s 2017 budget consultation process. Here’s what we told the Committee. At first glance, BC appears somewhat isolated from the economic challenges facing the rest of Canada. Headline economic indicators like GDP growth and job creation… View Article