Bank of Canada President says to end privatization of gains and socialization of losses

Aug 24, 2012
Here in BC Bank of Canada President Mark Carney’s speech to the Canadian Auto Workers convention got less attention than it seemed to get back east.  It deserves more attention. The biggest news coming out of the event was not in the speech itself but in the question period afterwards. Here Carney told the CAW… View Article

To address health inequalities, look beyond the role of individual responsibility

Aug 13, 2012
A new report by the Canadian Medical Association provides a timely reminder that money buys better health, even in a country with a universal public healthcare system. A poll commissioned by the CMA found a large and increasing gap between the health status of  Canadians in lower income groups (household income less than $30,000) and… View Article

Silencing the outriders, silencing democracy

Aug 13, 2012
Since taking power federally in 2006, the Conservative government has undertaken a continuous attack on civil society organizations.  One of the government’s first actions was to cut support for women’s organizations that lobbied or did research on the status of women.  Environmental organizations have been accused of acting in the interest of foreign powers. Revenue… View Article

Canada’s Emissions Deception

Aug 8, 2012
The federal government released an updated Canada’s Emission Trends 2012 report today. In a remarkable shift in federal rhetoric just this past week, the Harperites now appear to be more sensitive to concerns about the Enbridge pipeline and climate change more generally. But appearances can be deceiving and there is good reason to believe the current charm… View Article