What would Stanley say about Brigette Marcelle?

Jun 4, 2011
For the last 30 years or so when confronted with a thorny issue I have often asked myself this question: what would Stanley say?  This is the lens I would like to apply to Brigette Marcelle’s actions in the Senate last week. Marcelle is the young Senate page who during the Speech from the Throne… View Article

NDP propose BC Poverty Reduction Act

Jun 2, 2011
Today in the BC Legislature, the Official Opposition (MLA Shane Simpson) introduced a private member’s Bill proposing a BC Poverty Reduction Act. That Act, were it to be enacted, would see the government develop a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy, and legislate specific targets and timelines to reduce the breadth and depth of poverty within one… View Article

Oil and our coast – surely southern B.C. as important as The Great Bear

Jun 2, 2011
Like Mitch Anderson, in a must-read feature article in The Tyee, I am perplexed at the comparatively little attention that environmental organizations pay to the growing prospect of massive increases in oil shipments out of the Port of Vancouver. For the last few years, a coalition of environmental  organizations, First Nations and others have stepped… View Article

Suspicion about private finance schemes growing in the UK

Jun 2, 2011
On May 16th British Columbia’s Auditor General published a report on Vancouver General Hospital P3 that raised serious doubts about public private partnerships in British Columbia.  In the UK, where P3s have been around a lot longer, the doubts are getting even graver. Under P3s, or private finance initiative (PFI) as they are known in… View Article