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Dr. Vanessa Brcic is a community-based researcher, Vancouver-based registered somatic therapist and family physician with a special interest in trauma, mental health and chronic pain. Her research interests are in practice-based research, primary care reform, poverty, and the social determinants of health. Clinically, she is interested in the interdisciplinary care of vulnerable patients and those with complex chronic conditions often neglected in the medical system. She is also an executive board member of Canadian Doctors for Medicare, and the co-founder and Chair of Basics for Health Society, which consults with organizations to increase capacity to address social determinants of health in clinical settings. Follow Dr. Brcic on Twitter

BC doctors need unbiased info on prescription drugs

Jul 25, 2013
As a family physician, I need to be sure that each medication I prescribe has good evidence behind its use for my patient’s diagnosis, concurrent medical conditions, and demographic. This isn’t as straightforward as it sounds, because good evidence isn’t always easy to find. In an often polarized culture of illness and suffering in which… View Article