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Seth Klein is the BC Director of the CCPA. His research deals primarily with welfare policy, poverty, inequality and economic security. A social activist for over 30 years and a former teacher, Seth holds a BA in international relations, a BEd from the University of Toronto and an MA in political science from Simon Fraser University.

Seth is a past co-chair of the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition, an advisory board member for the Columbia Institute’s Centre for Civic Governance, and an advisor and instructor for Next Up, a leadership program for young people committed to social and environmental justice.

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Vyas Saran is a law student and the Rosenbluth Intern in Policy Research at the CCPA-BC, and is thrilled to be a part of the progressive ecosystem in BC. In addition to his work on electoral reform, his writing has been published nationally on partisan strategy and coalition governments. He has special interests in labour, public housing, indigenous and migrant rights, climate action and all else to do with the politics of liberation.

Previously, Vyas has worked in politics, legal advocacy, education and sports writing before completing his BA in political science at UBC.

Electoral reform is simple, actually

Jun 14, 2018
Debunking the claims of proportional representation naysayers This is the first post of a series explaining the benefits of proportional representation and debunking myths from the ‘No’ side of BC’s 2018 electoral reform referendum. More from the series is available at As British Columbians consider trading in our centuries-old electoral system for one where… View Article