BC government non-response to study on how Natural Gas Strategy breaks BC’s GHG law

Oct 11, 2012
Since my report on how BC’s legislated GHG targets are being compromised by the 2012 Natural Gas Strategy, I’ve been keenly interested to see how the government would respond. The report prompted a story in today’s Metro news, but the reporter was unable to get a response from the government by deadline. Then belatedly she… View Article

Is BC breaking its GHG law by pursuing natural gas development?

Oct 10, 2012
Today we released a new report by yours truly, BC’s Legislated Greenhouse Gas Targets vs Natural Gas Development: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly. It was just five years ago that BC brought in the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Targets Act, a signal that BC was serious about climate action. The Act calls for a 33% cut in emissions by… View Article

Time to Rethink The Way We Fund Higher Education

Oct 9, 2012
This September, like every year, a new group of high school graduates headed to college or university to pursue higher education. But today’s generation of students is in for a very different experience from the ones their parents had. On campuses across the country shiny new buildings are popping up, bearing corporate logos or the… View Article

The importance of culture in big decisions

Oct 6, 2012
I sometimes think we underestimate the difference in culture between the various regions of Canada. I was reminded of that last month at a meeting of the Union of BC Municipalities. The UBCM always has separate forums for local governments of various sizes. I always make a point of attending the Electoral Areas Directors’ Forum…. View Article

Will a flu shot keep you healthy? (hint: probably not)

Oct 2, 2012
BC’s Provincial Health Officer Dr Perry Kendall announced in August that BC will be adopting a policy mandating flu shots for health care workers.  Or they have to wear masks. This is likely  the most aggressive flu prevention policy in Canada, one which could set the trend for the rest of the country. But Dr… View Article

Dix right to scrap balanced budget legislation

Sep 28, 2012
Yesterday, Opposition leader Adrian Dix indicated that, if he wins government, he would scrap BC’s balanced budget legislation (BBL). His announcement has drawn some fire from predictable sources. Some media reports indicate that Dix appeared uncomfortable sharing this news. He shouldn’t have. Scrapping BBL is good public policy. CCPA researchers have long been critics of… View Article