Marc’s Letter from 2040

Dec 14, 2012
The following comes from a short talk on a vision for a zero-carbon BC that I gave at a couple events this Fall. Many have asked for the text so I’ve posted it here, and we may try and turn it into a video. That said, I have been reluctant to do so up to… View Article

Polling on taxes – response to a critic

Dec 11, 2012
On November 29, the CCPA released an opinion research study led by myself and Randy Galawan called Beyond the 1%: What British Columbians think about taxes, inequality and public services. The study involved an extensive online survey (poll) of a broad sample of British Columbians, conducted by Environics Research, and nine group interviews held in… View Article

State of the BC Economy

Dec 4, 2012
As we close out 2012, BC finds itself in some precarious economic waters. To recap, a massive housing bubble that built up through the naughties (2000s) finally burst in 2008, feeding a financial crisis, as extremely loose (some would say fraudulent) lending practices pushed housing prices up to spectacular, never-seen-before levels, and created a plague… View Article

British Columbians are ready for a thoughtful conversation about taxes, inequality, public services

Dec 4, 2012
An oped in today’s Vancouver Sun, outlining key lessons from CCPA opinion research released last week: Beyond the 1%: What British Columbians think about taxes, inequality and public services. British Columbians ready for a thoughtful talk about taxes A growing consensus that extreme inequality is as much an economic problem as it is a moral… View Article

BC’s Other Deficits

Nov 28, 2012
The release of the BC Budget Second Quarterly report notes an increase in the projected budget deficit to $1.5 billion, up from $1.1 billion when the beans were first counted back in September. The growing deficit, amid a soft economy, is bound to get plenty of media attention. But this blog post is not about… View Article

BC is giving away its natural gas

Nov 21, 2012
In September, when the BC government tabled its First Quarterly Report on the BC Budget the big story was on plummeting natural gas royalties, which means cuts to public services in order to keep the budget balance in check. As the update states on page 6: The deterioration in natural gas royalty revenue is the main… View Article