Political leadership needed to revitalize BC’s forestry industry

Oct 4, 2016
During the last provincial election not a day seemed to go by that Premier Christy Clark wasn’t donning a hardhat and promising us a brighter economic future built around a new Liquefied Natural Gas industry. Thousands of new jobs, steadily increasing royalty payments and taxes, and a resurging rural, resource-based economy all awaited us, the… View Article

How employers of Temporary Foreign Workers get away with low pay and bad working conditions

Oct 3, 2016
Canada’s controversial Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) Program is once again under the microscope with the release of a Parliamentary Committee report last week. While the report recommends some much-needed improvements to the rights of migrant workers, its main focus is to give employers easier access to TFWs. Instead, we need a re-think of the Program so… View Article

Penticton’s peculiar policy on freedom of information

Sep 30, 2016
This is International Right to Know Week, a week in honour of the public’s right to information held by their governments. The week is being celebrated in different ways in the 105 countries around the world with right to information laws. Here in British Columbia the City of Penticton is celebrating it in a spectacularly disappointing… View Article

Fraser Institute, provincial government swing and miss again on education funding

Sep 29, 2016
My recent analysis of BC’s education funding crisis made some waves, travelling far and wide in the media and becoming one of our most-read papers of the year at CCPA-BC. Not surprisingly, it also drew critical responses that reflect some persistent myths about the funding crisis. (You can hear my conversation [at 1:41:20] with CBC’s… View Article

How Proportional Representation could help to decentralize power and strengthen Parliament

Sep 28, 2016
Submission to the House of Commons Special Committee on Electoral Reform The debate around electoral reform has largely neglected a central question: what would a change in the electoral system mean for Canada’s constitutional separation of powers? To state the matter briefly, our Westminster system has an inherent tendency toward the concentration of power (into… View Article

Independence or a bit more income: British Columbians with disabilities are forced to choose

Sep 27, 2016
On September 1st, British Columbians on disability assistance saw their monthly rates go up for the first time in nine years. Unfortunately, the BC government bundled a significant clawback in transportation benefits with the rate increase, making it a lot less generous as a result. While the provincial government increased financial support for people with… View Article