Protecting the environment and social justice: you can’t have one without the other

Sep 26, 2010
A couple of weeks ago there was a conference in Vancouver on building a green economy.  It was a conference with a difference. Organized by the Columbia Institute, the conference focused on jobs and justice as well as the environment.  Roughly 15 unions and 10 environmental organizations came together to talk about meeting environmental challenges… View Article

A revenue negative carbon tax?

Sep 22, 2010
BC’s carbon tax was supposed to be “revenue neutral”, meaning all carbon tax revenue would be “recycled” to British Columbians through personal income tax cuts, corporate income tax cuts and a low-income credit. When the 2008 budget launched the carbon tax, we were provided with a forecast that had revenues precisely match recycling through tax… View Article

Pat Bell’s YouTube Foray – Sowing Seeds of Misinformation

Sep 21, 2010
Unlikely as it is to garner a huge following on YouTube, one suspects a recently uploaded video message by B.C. Forests Minister Pat Bell may soon have more than a few forest industry workers, commercial tree nursery owners and members of Bell’s own ministry shaking their heads in disbelief. Under the pretext of kicking off… View Article

Burns Lake looks to wood pellets

Sep 20, 2010
BC became prosperous on the basis of its resource industries. But today further development of resources is running into wall of climate policy. Good climate policies increasingly in conflict with old industrial policies. In spite of some small moves on the climate front from Victoria, a resource extraction mindset still dominates the corridors of power…. View Article

Save The Earth – Vote!

Sep 19, 2010
Global warming is “a socialist plot” to steal from the rich – according to Prime Minister Stephen Harper. However, it’s not just Harper.  The federal government, under both Liberals and Conservatives, has not only resisted environmental action in Canada, they have opposed international efforts to protect the Earth. Indeed, George Monbiot wrote that Canada is… View Article

Ministry of Environment Cuts: Will That be Oil With Your Water?

Sep 17, 2010
British Columbians already have scant information on the number of toxic oil and hazardous waste spills in the province. They may soon have a lot loss. This, at a time when provincial environmental personnel are stretched razor thin in responding to the nearly 4,000 such spills that occur each year in the province. This year,… View Article