Robin Hood Economics

Apr 5, 2011
Canada’s economic context at the time of Election 2011 is one of “precarious recovery”, and overall demand conditions are weakened by a few major factors. Unemployment is still just under 8%, which is good compared to the double-digit unemployment of the early 1990s, but not great compared to the expansions of the late 1990s and… View Article

Ten years of tax cuts: a household’s perspective

Apr 1, 2011
I did my taxes yesterday and once again was surprised to see how low my family’s income taxes have gone. In 2010, my wife and I paid a combined 13.7% of our income in federal and provincial income tax. Canadian modesty does not permit me to disclose the exact amount of income, but it was… View Article

Health Act Inquiry Into Threats Posed by Sour Gas A Step Closer?

Mar 30, 2011
A local citizens initiative aimed at highlighting the health threats posed by sour gas wells in B.C.’s energy-rich Peace River region appears to be gaining momentum, but whether or not it will result in a public inquiry remains to be seen. Last week, the Alaska Highway News reported that during her first installment of promised… View Article

How income splitting works and who does it work for: some practical examples

Mar 29, 2011
Income-splitting works by allowing families to allocate more of their earned income to a lower tax bracket by sharing the earned income between the spouses when filing taxes. The maximum amount of income that can be split this way is $50,000. Income-splitting makes a difference to a family’s tax bill because we have a progressive… View Article

Income splitting: a poorly targeted non-commitment with negative labour market implications

Mar 29, 2011
I was on the CBC Early Edition this morning, discussing Stephen Harper’s first election promise: income splitting for families with children. If you missed it, you can listen to the podcast here (I’m at about 1:08:00 onwards). Since five minutes is too short for any kind of informed discussion, and I think that informed discussions… View Article

CCPA blogs the federal election

Mar 28, 2011
Our colleagues at the CCPA’s National Office have launched a great new blog that will offer commentary on the federal election. Check out Making It Count for informative posts on income splitting, taxes, EI and more. Meanwhile, stay tuned to Policy Note for ongoing commentary on the busy BC political scene…. View Article