Will Drax’s claim that burning Canadian wood pellets is green go up in smoke?

Aug 30, 2022
OECD investigates UK power company’s sustainability claims as Drax becomes the largest pellet-maker in Canada In April 2021, the United Kingdom’s Drax Group purchased Pinnacle Renewable Energy, becoming the largest wood pellet-maker in British Columbia and Canada.  The acquisition gave Drax control of the majority of pellet mills in the province, locking up a vital… View Article
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The concerning rise of corporate medicine: Public contracts with private clinics top $393 million over last six years

Aug 26, 2022
Private surgeries and medical imaging are big business in BC. Over the last two decades, this for-profit sector has benefited from increased outsourcing of publicly funded procedures and unlawful patient extra-billing. These private businesses are flourishing in part because the BC government has been awarding them millions of dollars in contracts to provide services while… View Article
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Capping oil and gas emissions: Production declines must be central to discussion

Aug 3, 2022
New federal proposals for an emissions cap on the oil and gas industry have begun a difficult and uncomfortable conversation, but one that finally gets to the heart of climate and energy policy in Canada. This post looks at the new proposals and how we got here: the evolution of Canadian climate policy since the… View Article