Five LNG whoppers

Nov 12, 2015
British Columbians have heard many “too good to be true” claims about the benefits the province will receive by launching a liquefied natural gas (LNG) export industry. The CCPA-BC’s LNG Reality Check series has been examining these claims, and what we have uncovered is a pattern of misinformation about LNG – coming primarily from the… View Article

We need a “war-time” approach to tackling the climate challenge

Nov 10, 2015
“So far as it is possible, Canada’s effort in this war must be a planned and concerted national effort… In order to have the tremendous quantities of supplies available at the right time, and in the right place, it is imperative that the economic life of Canada be reorganized, but not disorganized. The economic forces… View Article

Will proposed new Senators be an aristocracy of the distinguished?

Nov 2, 2015
Ruth Ellen Brosseau is a Member of Parliament against the odds. A single mother and the assistant manager of a pub, she was elected in 2011, as Wikipedia describes her, as a “paper candidate” because the NDP had no viable nominee in the riding.” But here’s the thing. She worked hard, she impressed her constituents… View Article

The federal election is over. Now can we really talk about how to improve gender equality?

Nov 2, 2015
After an election campaign in which women’s equality became a rhetorical tool in a divisive attempt to instill fear and xenophobia in voters and control women’s religious choices, Canada has opted for a more hopeful federal government. But where does that leave women in BC? We know the primary causes of women’s inequality: disproportionate financial… View Article