Legislative changes likely to reduce further the independence of the Auditor General for Local Government

Jun 29, 2015
Earlier this month British Columbians saw one more chapter unfold in the ongoing saga of the Auditor General for Local Government.  The provincial government released the report on the AGLG’s office by a former Deputy Minister Chris Trumpy. Trumpy and his report had been the source of earlier controversy which cost the first AGLG, Basia… View Article

Energy and climate in the Harper decade

Jun 26, 2015
The costs of climate change are piling up, and can no longer be ignored. 2015 is poised to be a landmark year, with a new global treaty on climate to be signed in Paris. In contrast, the Harper decade succeeded in stalling any meaningful climate action. The PM’s record is not just of neglect, but… View Article

Evidence is in: privately funded health care doesn’t reduce wait times

Jun 14, 2015
Current public dialogue is full of questions about what kind of innovation or “revamping” the health system needs. In this context, as a physician, I am compelled to apply principles of evidence-based practice to the public vs. private debate: Will Brian Day’s plan to expand privately funded health care in BC shorten wait lists and… View Article

#BoycottTims? It’s about time.

Jun 9, 2015
Twitter was raging against Tim Hortons last Thursday. According to the Ottawa Sun, for much of the day the hottest trending topic in Canada was #BoycottTims. It’s about time, I thought to myself, these allegations have been in the news for at least a couple of years. Back in 2013, a group of Tims employees… View Article

What California’s Drought Means for BC: Putting Our Coast into Perspective

Jun 3, 2015
Below is a guest post from Erin Daly, a graduate student in Health Sciences at Simon Fraser University. Erin is doing a practicum at CCPA-BC and has primarily been supporting the Conversation on Climate Justice. What California’s Drought Means for BC: Putting Our Coast into Perspective Erin Daly As a province that imports half of its… View Article

Climate Justice and the Good Life, for Everyone

Jun 2, 2015
In our Climate Justice Project, our research has stressed structural changes and collective action to lower carbon footprints rather than individual behavioural change. The ability of many actors to respond to incentives like a carbon tax is constrained by their circumstances. Suburban households often have no realistic option but to keep driving. Renters have little agency over… View Article