CFIB spokesperson blames downloading for muni cost increases

May 31, 2013
The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) published a report this week talking about the alarming rate of increase in municipal spending and blaming it all on overpaid public employees. It turns out their numbers are suspect but there are other problems that raise questions about whether this is just about a political agenda. BC’s… View Article

Phony numbers, screaming headline

May 31, 2013
An enormous error in a report by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) led to a screaming headline in Wednesday’s Vancouver Sun suggesting spending by local governments was out of control. The CFIB’s report looked at spending in major Canadian cities, including Vancouver, from 2000 to 2011.  It concluded: From 2000 to 2011, Vancouver’s… View Article

Keeping democracy alive: Engaging in political process between elections

May 30, 2013
Last week, Seth Klein reflected on some lessons from the 2013 BC election.  Among the many important lessons he noted was the fact that “we need to better understand why so many people feel disengaged from politics and key policy debates.”  Indeed.  Now that the election is over, those of us who are passionate about… View Article

Lessons from the 2013 BC Election: What’s a progressive research institute to do?

May 22, 2013
As I write, it has been just a few days since the provincial election. As was the case for most of you, the result was unexpected. We are still processing what it means for our work and rethinking some of our research plans. For those of us who engage in deep thinking about policy ideas,… View Article

Big Numbers – Big Lies

May 22, 2013
The election results were disheartening; it was, as many have commented, a victory of style over substance. Hope for something unachievable (a debt free B.C. in fifteen years) and fear of a leader and party that does not exist (an untrustworthy Chavez of the north) won the day. It was not a great moment for… View Article

The Green Part of Green

May 10, 2013
Unlike a number of green advocates, political and otherwise, I think there can be some significant benefit for British Columbians from the development of LNG exports, particularly if issues around the supply and pricing of electricity, and the regulation and offset of industry GHG emissions are properly addressed. Nevertheless, I do agree with those who argue… View Article

Reality check on government spending: is the overspending fear mongering justified

May 9, 2013
Both main parties in this election campaign are accusing the other of being big spenders. The BC Liberals claim the BC NDP is making election promises that are too expensive and argue the 1990s (the last time the NDP was in government) was a time of particularly high spending. The BC NDP points out that… View Article

Comparing platforms with respect to climate action

May 9, 2013
As many readers of this blog will know, back in February the CCPA (with the assistance of a number of our partners in the Climate Justice Project) published an Open Letter to the BC political parties calling on them to recommit to BC’s legislated greenhouse gas reduction targets, and to table plans for how to… View Article

Coal association gets free pass on election advertising while public interest groups chilled

May 8, 2013
Just when I thought the situation with BC’s third party advertising rules couldn’t get any more ridiculous, this comes in from the “Are You Kidding Me?!” department: According to The Tyee, a three page advertorial for the Canadian Coal Association “extolling the virtues of BC’s coal industry” in last week’s Globe and Mail has been… View Article

The call for a BC poverty reduction plan: where have the parties landed

May 8, 2013
The CCPA is a founding member of the BC Poverty Reduction Coalition (PRC), which for over four years now has been advancing the call for a comprehensive BC poverty reduction plan. Its Open Letter calling on the BC government to adopt a legislated plan has been signed by hundreds of organizations. The PRC has now… View Article