So why is all the good writing on privatization of liquor distribution in the business press?

May 17, 2012
Privatization of government assets is always a controversial subject.  One side says the genius of the marketplace will cut costs and improve efficiency.  The other side says costs will go up and the public will lose control.  One thing both sides should agree on, however, is that the process should be transparent.  Thanks to Business… View Article

De-growth or growth? Maybe we don’t need to figure that out

May 16, 2012
There has recently been a renewed interest in the question of whether the ecological crisis means we need to see (or plan for) a stabilization or even a decline in economic growth. This week there is a major conference on degrowth in Montreal. York University’s Peter Victor has made important contributions to this debate in… View Article

Overcoming climate despair: We are the U-turn generation

May 12, 2012
This week, federal Environment Commissioner Scott Vaughan released a disheartening report, slamming the Harper government for having no plan to meet is own 2020 greenhouse gas emission reduction targets (targets that are already completely inadequate). It’s not surprising news, but adds to the feelings of desperation harbored by many. Those of us concerned about climate… View Article

BC’s P3s promise “eye-watering” profits” for private investors. And more of them coming

May 9, 2012
Two stories that came out on the same day last week should raise concerns about where the BC government continues to go with public private partnerships (P3s).  The government announced it was going to build two hospitals on Vancouver Island in Campbell River and in the Comox Valley.  Premier Clark then told the Campbell River… View Article