A prescription for health care reform: think integration & collaboration

Jan 16, 2012
This morning the CCPA released a new report (co-authored by yours truly) that looks at the thorny issue of health care reform in BC and identifies some practical, evidence-based strategies that have been successful in improving quality of care and controlling costs in other jurisdictions. The paper comes out at a time when all Canadian… View Article

New Brunswick Auditor General latest to blast public private partnerships

Jan 15, 2012
One more provincial Auditor General has come out swinging at public private partnerships (P3s).  Last week New Brunswick’s AG released a report on two P3 schools that had been announced by the NB government in 2008.  New Brunswick Auditor General Kim MacPherson joins public auditors in Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, and British Columbia who have… View Article

Making health care funding sustainable

Jan 13, 2012
The BC Legislature’s Select Standing Committee on Health is currently investigating the sustainability of BC’s health care system (with a focus on demographic / aging trends), and asked for written submissions of peer-reviewed studies on the subject. Here’s what I just submitted: Submission to the BC Legislature’s Select Standing Committee on Health From: Seth Klein,… View Article

Who’s really “skewing” the pipeline debate?

Jan 11, 2012
Apparently the Harper government and its echo chamber in the blogosphere (e.g. Vivian Krause) think that philanthropic funding of environmental groups is “skewing” the debate on the northern pipeline project. Presumably they would like to return to a more “normal” debate.  You know, one disproportionately influenced by well-heeled corporate-funded market fundamentalist think tanks and pseudo-grassroots… View Article

The BC government could start with local purchasing to build jobs in our communities

Jan 3, 2012
The BC government has been heavily promoting its “jobs plan” over the last week on television, radio and on the internet. On twitter they invited people to come on line to give their ideas about what could be done to promote more jobs in communities. But there is one idea to promote jobs in communities… View Article