Decarbonizing BC homes and the price of gas

Jul 28, 2011
Our climate justice framework for BC is to eliminate fossil fuels by 2040. In the household sector, this poses a significant challenge, not so much in terms of technology and knowledge, but because natural gas is much cheaper than electricity per unit of energy. Even though BC has among the lowest prices in North America,… View Article

Government restores a little of what it took away from social assistance recipients – Acknowledges value of being able to walk

Jul 26, 2011
 If someone takes something away from you and then a year later gives half of it back, how much credit should they get for it? Well, less than half actually, but you get my point. That seems to be the question the BC government is posing with its announcement Monday that it has “expanded its… View Article

What is a middle class income these days?

Jul 20, 2011
Whenever we consider the pros and cons of a new policy, we want to know if it benefits or hurts the poor, the middle class and those who are better off. Often, the answer depends on how we define each of these groups. It’s said that 99% of Canadians think of themselves as middle class,… View Article

Future government contract costs jump 50% in one year

Jul 20, 2011
Although it has received some coverage in the media it is worth noting the eye-popping jump in the cost of long term contracts signed by the BC government in the last year. These contracts don’t go on the books as debt, but just like debt we will be responsible for it for the next 30… View Article

Darkwoods, the murky world of carbon credits and a “carbon neutral” B.C. government

Jul 15, 2011
It is spun in government press releases as a “first” for any jurisdiction in North America, an achievement that places British Columbia “on the leading edge” of efforts to combat climate change. But scratch the surface just a little and questions arise about the legitimacy of Environment Minister Terry Lake’s recent claim that “from this… View Article

How much does poverty cost BC?

Jul 14, 2011
We’ve known for a long time that we all pay for poverty. We just didn’t know how much. This is the question I investigate in my latest CCPA report The Cost of Poverty in BC. If you’re not in the mood for reading the report, you can watch a short video that summarizes the findings… View Article

Deconstructing BC’s carbon neutral government

Jul 13, 2011
Besides the carbon tax, one of the most important BC government climate action initiatives has been the adoption of Carbon Neutral Government. That is, count emissions from public buildings and travel, reduce them as much as possible and pay for carbon offsets to negate the rest. As of the 2010 calendar year, the BC government… View Article

Is BC about to drop a new carbon bomb?

Jul 11, 2011
Any day now the BC government should be releasing the latest greenhouse gas data for the province, and we will see if any progress is being made towards a legislated 33% reduction in emissions by 2020 (relative to 2007 levels; data will be for 2009 and we know that emissions rose in 2008). Below the… View Article