Thousands more millionaires in Canada

May 10, 2011
In case you were worried, the Financial Post reports that “new wealth” will continue to be generated in Canada and be one of the developed countries to “have some of the biggest concentrations of millionaire households by 2020.”    I’m feeling so relieved, aren’t you? A Deloitte LLP report predicts that 2.4 million households in Canada will… View Article

Open government a Cabinet secret declares BC Minister

May 7, 2011
I love reading Estimates debates in the legislature.  It is a rare opportunity for Opposition critics to grill their assigned Cabinet Ministers at length.  Sometimes the oddest things come out.  On Wednesday the NDP Critic Doug Routley was questioning the Minister for Citizen Services and Open Government Stephanie Cadieux.  It turns out that following up on… View Article

Lessons for Ottawa from Victoria, Lessons for Victoria from Ottawa

May 5, 2011
Many Canadians have expressed fear about what our new national government, a majority elected by a 39% minority, will do now that it has four years of real power.  For those concerned Canadians, British Columbia offers a lesson. BC’s government has discovered from an independent study that their HST is not revenue neutral.  It will… View Article

BQ demise a big loss

May 3, 2011
We have a lost a lot with the demise of the Bloc Quebecoise as a significant presence in Parliament. Social policy in Quebec has been more progressive than elsewhere in Canada for a long time. This is particularly important for policy related to women’s rights, including labour and social policy that allow women’s full participation… View Article

Harper’s Reckless Economics

May 1, 2011
Throughout the election campaign Stephen Harper claimed the political high ground on the management of the economy. The surprise is that the opposition has pretty much let him get away with this. During the English Language debate the first question focused on $6 billion tax cuts to corporations. Harper said there were no tax cuts… View Article