Cholesterol drugs don’t help the healthy

Aug 12, 2010
I have said this before and this recent research begs me to say this again: Someday we will look back on society’s zeal for checking and chemically altering our blood cholesterol in the same way we now regard blood letting and purging: A medical barbarity that good science cannot support…. View Article

The Smart Tax Alliance. Non-Partisan? Really?

Aug 8, 2010
Last Thursday BC newspapers carried a large ad supporting implementation of the Harmonized Sales Tax.  The advertisement was signed by the “Smart Taxation Alliance” a group of 30 or so employer organizations. The ad carried the usual dubious arguments that transferring the cost of taxes from corporations to consumers will create vast economic activity.  What… View Article

12 year olds at work: cuts, strains, dislocations and fractures

Aug 4, 2010
Last month the Medical Officer of Health for the Sea to Sky Region published an article in a Squamish newspaper raising his concerns about child labour in British Columbia. In his column Dr. Paul Martiquet reports that in BC the minimum age for working a regular job is 12 – the lowest of any jurisdiction… View Article