Poverty reduction: What other provinces are doing

Jun 8, 2010
BC has much to learn from other provinces when it comes to poverty reduction. Six provinces now have poverty reduction plans, although most are still fairly new, and therefore we don’t yet have data to tell us what kind of success they are meeting with, the exceptions being Quebec and Newfoundland. What their plans and… View Article

Off the Highway by Mette Bach: politics and memoir

Jun 8, 2010
Another suggestion for summer reading: brand new from local publisher New Star Books: Off the Highway by Mette Bach, a short (about 80 pages) memoir of her childhood and adolescence in North Delta. Bach weaves together personal recollections, history and social commentary to create a quirky, funny, depressing picture of a little-known Vancouver suburb. Regular… View Article

Some issues arising from the special advisor’s report on the Vancouver School Board

Jun 6, 2010
The special advisor appointed by the provincial government to look at the finances of the Vancouver School Board reported on Friday and a number of issues arise from the report.  Before discussing these, however, people should be aware that in my day job I am a researcher for the Canadian Union of Public Employees which… View Article

‘Green’ Summer Reading

Jun 3, 2010
As I was wandering through the airport this spring I succumbed to my one true addiction: books.  Yes, I know that a good environmentalist uses the local library, but I’m working on it….. Anyway, as always, I try to pick up something that I’ve read a review on or something that just jumps out at… View Article

View from the Top: Income Inequality in BC

Jun 2, 2010
A fascinating, and shocking, literature on the incomes at the very top of the distribution has emerged in recent years. Typically, Statistics Canada only reports income distributions for quintiles, or 20% groupings, and occasionally deciles, or 10% groupings. But new research based on tax filing has shown that the real action has been at the… View Article

Legislative review of FOI Act narrow and timid

Jun 1, 2010
A legislative committee reviewing BC’s Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act reported on May 31st and the results were disappointing.  They certainly did not live up to the previous legislative review in 2004.  Back then government backbenchers on the Committee made recommendations leaders of the government didn’t like.  The 2004 Committee made recommendations… View Article