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BC government using affordability excuses to underfund education and health

August 11th, 2014 · · 7 Comments · Economy, Education, Privatization, P3s & public services, Provincial budget & finance

Affordability is becoming the new buzzword of the BC government. In the dispute with teachers, for example, the Minister of Education has repeatedly argued demands for lower class sizes and improved class composition, as well as fair wages, are unaffordable and unrealistic (see here). When parents and businesses make the case for more public funding […]

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How Doctors are Paid in BC

February 22nd, 2014 · · 3 Comments · Health care, Provincial budget & finance, Uncategorized

  [A version of this piece was posted on the Tyee] Health care is the biggest, most expensive and most important thing that government does. Hospital care swallows up a large proportion of the health care budget, but primary care in the community takes care of most patient needs and keeps people out of hospital. […]

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7 things that should be in this year’s BC Budget

February 17th, 2014 · · 3 Comments · Climate change, Economy, Education, Poverty, inequality & welfare, Provincial budget & finance

In the fifth year of a slow and largely jobless economic recovery, the 2014 BC Budget should prioritize measures to set the foundation of a more just and sustainable economy, where prosperity is shared by all citizens. Here are 7 initiatives that will get us there. 1. A comprehensive poverty reduction plan Combating poverty is […]

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With BC’s job market stalled, it’s time for a jobs plan that actually works

August 13th, 2013 · · Comments Off · Children & youth, Economy, Employment & labour, Environment, resources & sustainability, Provincial budget & finance

The latest BC job numbers reveal a picture of persistently high unemployment and stalled job creation. Since January, BC’s unemployment rate has been on a roller-coaster ride, down one month and up the next. All in all, here have been very few jobs created in 2013, far fewer than needed to employ our growing working […]

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Reality check on government spending: is the overspending fear mongering justified

May 9th, 2013 · · 2 Comments · Economy, Provincial budget & finance

Both main parties in this election campaign are accusing the other of being big spenders. The BC Liberals claim the BC NDP is making election promises that are too expensive and argue the 1990s (the last time the NDP was in government) was a time of particularly high spending. The BC NDP points out that […]

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Assessing BC’s Fiscal Health: Can BC afford more deficits?

April 17th, 2013 · · Comments Off · Economy, Provincial budget & finance, Taxes

By Seth Klein and Iglika Ivanova [Note: this piece has also appeared in the Tyee here.] OK, time for a reality check on BC’s deficits. Simply put, while arguments about deficits and “who is the better fiscal manager” may make for entertaining politics, there is no compelling economic reason why BC cannot run a few […]

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Social Housing Reality Check: Government’s own numbers reveal modest investment in new social housing

March 31st, 2013 · · Comments Off · Housing & homelessness, Poverty, inequality & welfare

[This post has also appeared on the Tyee here.] One of the more contentious issues regarding the BC government’s record concerns the issue of social housing. To hear Minister Rich Coleman tell it, BC’s record has been above and beyond. For the last few years, barely a week has gone by without a government news […]

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The Shifting Terrain of Taxes in BC: Budget signals new openness to tax increases

March 3rd, 2013 · · Comments Off · Provincial budget & finance, Taxes

[The following piece was also published on The Tyee here.] These are certainly interesting times. For all the faults in last week’s BC Budget (and there were many), it’s worth noting that the conversation about taxes has fundamentally shifted, and in a welcome direction. After vigorously insisting for years that tax increases would be ruinous […]

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BC throne speech repackages old announcements, lacks courage and vision

February 12th, 2013 · · Comments Off · Climate change, Economy, Poverty, inequality & welfare, Provincial budget & finance, Taxes

Today’s Speech from the Throne reads more like a list of what this government sees as its main achievements than a true framework for going forward. New initiatives are few and far between, sandwiched between pages of self-congratulatory recap of the natural gas strategy, the jobs plan and highlights from the last budget. All in […]

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BC’s Other Deficits

November 28th, 2012 · · Comments Off · Economy, Provincial budget & finance

The release of the BC Budget Second Quarterly report notes an increase in the projected budget deficit to $1.5 billion, up from $1.1 billion when the beans were first counted back in September. The growing deficit, amid a soft economy, is bound to get plenty of media attention. But this blog post is not about […]

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