Site C’s economic justifications unconvincing: It’s time we made decisions differently

Jan 16, 2018
There is no question that the new BC government’s decision to proceed with the Site C dam was a very difficult one. The previous government left them with a poison pill. With $2 billion already spent, the Horgan government faced a no-win choice, with substantial political and economic costs for either terminating or proceeding with… View Article

Small steps on affordable housing: A look at the new federal and Vancouver plans

Jan 10, 2018
In November 2017 two important new efforts to address the crisis of affordable housing were delivered a day apart: a National Housing Strategy (NHS) tabled by the federal government; and the City of Vancouver’s Housing Vancouver Strategy (HVS). This piece reviews the details of these plans. Both represent forward progress, but also leave key ingredients… View Article

Glacial pace of governments out of sync with fentanyl crisis

Dec 20, 2017
British Columbia is experiencing the worst opioid overdose crisis in its history. By October 31st, the BC Coroners Service reported that 1208 people had died from overdose: higher than the next three causes of unnatural deaths combined—suicides, motor vehicle incidents and homicides. The numbers for November and December will be released early next year and… View Article

Numerous unlicensed dams found structurally unsound; remediation orders issued

Dec 18, 2017
More than half of nearly 50 dams that fossil fuel companies built in recent years without first obtaining the proper permits had serious structural problems that could have caused many of them to fail. And now, BC’s Oil and Gas Commission (OGC), which appeared to be asleep at the switch in allowing the unlicensed dams… View Article

7 recommendations to shape electoral reform in BC

Dec 15, 2017
The CCPA-BC sent the following submission to the BC Government’s How We Vote consultation, which requests feedback on key elements of the upcoming referendum on electoral reform. Written submissions are being accepted from now until February 28, 2018. You can feel free to quote or cite any of the following if you choose to submit comments… View Article

Study confirms what parents suspect: BC is one of Canada’s most expensive provinces for child care

Dec 13, 2017
A report released by our National Office this week confirms what many parents already know: BC is one of Canada’s most expensive provinces for child care, especially for younger age groups (infants and toddlers). Cities in the Greater Toronto and Metro Vancouver stand out as the most expensive places in the country to access child… View Article